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The World Health Organization named stress the health epidemic of the 21st century. But with our research, we hope to help people take back control of their health and perform better in life.


We're currently working on a new breakthrough technology that will help the world tackle one of the most important health problems today: chronic stress and elevated cortisol levels. is a biotech start-up founded by serial entrepreneur Wibe Wagemans. 
Pardigm Inc. has its offices in Redwood City, California. For inquiries, please reach out to

Pardigm CEO and Founder

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Wibe Wagemans

  • Serial entrepreneur.

  • Cannes Golden Lion award.

  • Several exits in excess of $500 million.

  • No. 1 hits in the App Store.

Wibe is a CEO, serial entrepreneur, and pioneer in mobile and AI technology. He was the first in the world to build an AI bot and an online video game on mobile. And his work at Angry Birds, Big Fish, Huuuge Games Inc. and others earned him the Cannes Golden Lion award, the world record of No. 1 hits in the App Store and ensured several exits in excess of $500 million. After traveling the world as an expatriate and a student in six countries, he now resides in the U.S. with his family.

Prof. Phyllis Gardner, M.D.

Internal Medicine
Harvard Medical School
Stanford Professor of Medicine

Prof. Alia Crum, Ph.D.

Stanford Professor of Psychology
Director Stanford Mind & Body Lab
NIH New Innovator Award

Sarah Berga, MD

Reproductive Health

Reproductive Health
Sjoerd van den Berg, PhD


Anton Pruijssers


Tyler Shultz


Prof. Maria Hopman, M.D., Ph.D.

Radboud UMC
300+ Scientific Papers

Radboud UMC

Scientific Advisory Board

Join the waitlist has developed a rapid test to measure cortisol at home, without the need for a lab. Be the first to know!

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