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Our objective is to share evidence-based knowledge about stress and cortisol, and how it impacts our body, our health and our lifespan. We consult frequently with our Scientific Advisory Board members, who are experts in the field of endocrinology, gastroenterology, physiology, and sports sciences and medicine. 

The scientific research we use for is from trusted sources and is often peer-reviewed. For your convenience, we have collected links to important research on chronic stress, cortisol imbalances and cortisol testing below. These include: Technology for Real-Time Measurement of Salivary Cortisol:’s technology consistently measures salivary cortisol levels. The FDA-approved salivary cortisol ELISA test shows an R^2 of 0.957 in the clinical range of 0-5ng/ml.

Status, Stress and Performance in Track and Field Athletes during the European Games in Baku: Peer-reviewed study in Nature Journal shows improved performance after cortisol measurement.

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