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Athletic Performance.

If you want to perform better in life, you need to understand how stress affects your health.

The best place to start is with cortisol, the stress hormone. Cortisol affects nearly every cell and biological process in our bodies. That’s why elite athletes, biohackers and other high performers keep close tabs on their stress levels. By controlling cortisol, they can significantly improve their performance and even avoid injuries.


That’s why we at have combed through research journals, news items and more to handpick some of the best intel on cortisol, fitness and performing better in life…​

Improve Athletic Performance by Measuring Your Cortisol

Did You Know Cortisol Testing Can Help Optimize Recovery and  Establish Preparedness for Training and Competition?

Here’s a surprising fact: Sometimes, training more can actually make you weaker. It sounds counterintuitive, but overtraining can set you back and increases the risk of injuries. Sometimes, it’s better to take a break and allow your body to recover. Sometimes, less really is more.

Take Your Training to the Next Level With These Tools

A Look at Heart Rate Variability and Cortisol Testing

It's time to dig into the best tools for improving your training. Let's look behind the science of two well-established markers of training readiness and recovery: HRV and cortisol.

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