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How Are Your Stress Levels?

You now have access to effective, real-time stress testing.


Stress, and cortisol, play such an important role in our lives. However, prior to effective, real-time testing, most individuals didn’t have streamlined access to their cortisol readings.


They would have to either order a test at home or visit a doctor. And then they’d have to wait for the test to be delivered to a lab where it would be analyzed. This would take anywhere from a few days to a full month.

Lab Testing Is Torture

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Once the results came back, they wouldn't be as informative or actionable as needed. Some individuals would get a warning if they're near extreme levels that indicate rare medical conditions. But most people don't fall into those extremes. They suffer from chronic stress, overtraining or other dysfunctions of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis, which alter their cortisol levels day by day. One-off tests — taken days or weeks in the past — wouldn't be terribly insightful. That would be like measuring your heart beat for a second. The data doesn't tell you much because it's not intended to be a binary test. You aren’t looking for a positive or negative result, like you would with a pregnancy test or a COVID-19 test.

Instead, you need to understand your personal trends and stressors (whether momentary or ongoing). And to do this, you must monitor your levels over an extended period.


That’s where’s proprietary testing comes into play. leverages the most advanced Computer Vision and Deep Learning Technologies (CVDL). So, once you take a picture of your result, our proprietary algorithms analyze the photo for you, in real time. With's testing kit, you have the ability to test right at home, using your iPhone, and receive results in just a couple of minutes. It allows everyone to effectively and conveniently test their stress response for the first time.

No more need for large or expensive laboratory equipment and skilled technicians. 

The Pardigm Solution

This is a game changer, especially for those suffering from chronic stress or athletes looking to understand their recovery needs.


As for how the's testing process works, here's a quick overview:

The Tests:'s cortisol package comes with 25 rapid tests, complete with salivary collection kits. Most cortisol tests are blood and urine-based — not very user-friendly. We wanted to streamline the testing process for our members, so we developed a convenient "spit and test" process.

Tech Needed: Tests can only be used with an iPhone for now. Android to follow.

The Timeline: The package covers about three to six weeks of testing, depending on your baseline. And it offers enough tests to allow you to establish that necessary baseline. We recommend testing five times throughout the first day for this.

The Baseline (Day 1): 

Baseline 1: Test immediately after you wake up.

Baseline 2: Test 30 minutes after waking up.

Baseline 3: Noon.

Baseline 4: 6 p.m.

Baseline 5: Test at bedtime, before brushing your teeth. Testing Tips: We recommend no eating or drinking before the first two baseline measurements. You can eat and drink normally throughout the day afterward. But try not to eat or drink half an hour before the last test of the day. 

After Testing: After taking each test, you can simply scan it using the app and let our algorithms do the work. Results should be ready in just a few short minutes.

Expert Consultation: After your baseline is set, continue to test throughout the week each morning when you wake up. And be sure to schedule your complimentary one-on-one consultation with one of our experts within your first week, using the app, to discuss results. Then you'll be well on your way to understanding (and managing) your stress levels.


The Rest: Don't worry, you're not in this alone after your first consultation. You'll have the opportunity to join monthly group coaching sessions to ensure you have as much information as possible to control your cortisol. 

Learn more about how our technology works.


Control Your Cortisol

  • Start testing each morning, when you get out of bed.

  • Schedule a 20-minute Zoom consultation to discuss results and next steps.

Get Instant Results

  • Results will appear in a few minutes.

  • You’re on your way to understanding your health.


Test and Scan

  • Follow the directions for using the salivary cortisol test strip.

  • Take a photo of your strip with your phone.

Get Started

  • When you receive your test kit, log into the app.

  • Schedule the recommended tests for the first day to establish your baseline


How It Works

With our rapid test you can measure your cortisol at home in four simple steps, without the need for a lab.

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