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Coach Mag. wrote a good article about us. "What Is Cortisol And How Do You Maintain Healthy Levels?

A new rapid saliva test makes measuring cortisol easier than ever, so how can knowing your levels help you?

Elite athletes have long gone to great lengths to get detailed information about what’s going on in their body through lab testing and other methods. Wearables and other tech have made much of this available to the average person as well: almost every fitness tracker will now measure your heart rate variability, patches paired with software like Supersapiens can keep tabs on your blood glucose, and Lumen can even see what your metabolism is doing.

The next frontier might be tracking your cortisol levels as a way to monitor the stress being placed on your body, whether that’s through exercise or the day-to-day challenges of life. has launched a rapid saliva test in the US to measure cortisol.


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