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We're nominated: The 10 Most Innovative Healthcare Leaders to Watch in 2023.

Wibe Wagemans: A Pioneer in AI & Mobile Tech Who Introduced Paradigm to Tackle the Top 5 Global Health Conditions Wibe Wagemans – the dynamic leader and serial entrepreneur – embarked on a journey when dozens before him had failed. Wibe laid the foundation of a biotech brand, Pardigm Inc., that changed home testing as we know it today. His AI breakthrough allows you to use your smartphone as a future standard for at-home diagnostic testing. Backed by two Stanford professors, this incredible venture not only cuts out all the middlemen and additional hardware readers but also removes the lab – a world first. The first step was to get cortisol results on the spot, in minutes. A cortisol baseline has been eluding doctors forever. You might think cortisol only covers instant stress but that’s only 3% of its impact on the mind and body. So why should you care that 70% of the adult US population has imbalanced cortisol levels?

Experts call cortisol– for which there’s no proxy–the best window into our brain. Cortisol is behind all the top health issues: cardiovascular disease, aging & telomere shortening, obesity, diabetes, brain & mental health, infertility, menopausal symptoms, autoimmune diseases, athletic recovery, and Long Covid. Wibe and Dr. Bina Ph.D. wrote the book “Cortisol: The Master Hormone” which turned into an instant bestseller in 6 health and wellness categories. It’s the first systematic review of all published scientific literature on the relationship between Cortisol and various health conditions.

Causality was demonstrated in dozens more health issues than top scientists realized and they anticipate that more rigorous studies in humans will show similar causal effects previously demonstrated in mammals. Moreover, most cortisol effects are reversible with the proper regimens.

Pardigm developed a patented technology platform that can quantify, with lab scanner accuracy, 100’s biomarkers – neurodegenerative, cancer, cardiovascular, psychiatric and more, influencing the future of research and pharma, and creating TRULY personalized medicine. Located in California, Pardigm provides faster access to care and health equity while lowering costs, eliminating logistics, and shortening turnaround times for diagnosis and treatment. By automating this incredibly labor-intensive process, they eliminate the need for labs in places where they don’t exist by making the collection of biomarkers easier and less expensive. And perhaps most crucially, they are combatting some of the biggest epidemics of the twenty-first century, including stress, obesity, cardiovascular disease, and mental health, while also improving patient outcomes and preventing disease.

The Key Differentiating Factors of Pardigm

  • This is the first time any company has solved the point-of-care diagnostic problem for hundreds of quantitative biomarkers without the use of an external device/additional hardware.

  • Pardigm developed a radically new way to quantify and help manage cortisol — at home, in real-time, using only your mobile phone.

  • For the first time, everyone can now experience an accurate snapshot of their cortisol health – a picture of what’s happening inside their body and mind.

  • Stress management is a huge trend and it’s being incorporated into fitness trackers by measuring HRV, and other products using sweat, hair samples or just psychological interventions. Consumers need to know that there is no scientific evidence supporting those measures. There is no proxy for cortisol.

  • Cortisol testing and management can contribute to the alleviation of some of the most urgent global health issues and influence favorable outcomes for all.

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